How group health is changing the future of medicine

March 16, 2022

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Cohort-based learning makes quality medicine more affordable and boosts success rates.

There are several problems with America’s system of healthcare, I don’t have to tell you that. 

The good news is, we’re living in an age of solutions. 

No more settling for doing things the way they’ve been done. 

I’ll show you 3 ways The Organic Cure is using group health care to change the future of medical care.

Problem: Our healthcare system isolates us

We’ve always known that humans work better in supportive groups. You’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village,” right? 

Kids go to school in groups with kids their own age. They can relate to each other and learn at a similar pace. Support groups like alcoholics anonymous help recovering addicts stay motivated.

Why are doctor visits only done in isolation? We walk in by ourselves to confess to our doctor that we’re depressed, then walk out with a prescription in hand, approach the pharmacy counter alone, take the pills in the privacy of our bathroom, and await recovery…

… alone. 

Solution: Working in groups increases success rates 

Imagine your doctor visits being the most uplifting part of your week. Imagine showing up in a group of other people who know your name and know your struggle. They know about your traumatic delivery, your child’s ADHD diagnosis, and your frustration with the system. 

How different would your health journey be if you knew multiple other parents experiencing the same thing, and working with the same protocols? You can relate with them, share your obstacles, hear them cheer for you when you have a big win, and rely on them to check in and make sure you’re doing ok. 

Group health creates a supportive community that shares tools. Rather than a doctor being solely responsible, a group allows multiple minds to contribute to your treatment plan. A group setting is mediated by a health professional and amplified by its participants.  

Problem: lack of compliance

We might receive great advice from our medical team, but do we put it into action? The daily grind can quickly distract us from our goals. We forget to take supplements, especially when our kids resist. We know we need to eliminate gluten and dairy, but coming up with meal ideas is hard. 

Solution: group care provides accountability 

Quality group care is intentionally designed to place you in a cohort with compatible people.

One person’s struggle is another person’s strength. When you’re running into trouble, another group participant is there to offer a life hack. 

Group chats are open throughout the session to make sure you’re always making forward progress. You’re never left guessing. 

This mutual respect creates a positive healing dynamic that is hard to describe until you’ve been a part of it. Simply knowing that others are looking out for you can make all the difference. 

Problem: quality care is expensive

Healthcare is expensive, that’s a fact. Quality health care, like the kind where you can actually pick the providers you want to work with, is impractical for most families. 

Employer benefits can offer great coverage, but cost hundreds of dollars every month and still have hefty deductibles and copays. Hiring a naturopathic doctor on top of that? Not likely. 

Medi-share plans can cost $800 monthly for a family. 

There are fantastic functional medicine providers who offer concierge medicine, but you’re looking at $3,000 just to get through the door. 

Solution: Group health is affordable

Group health is more affordable for the participants and the facilitator. The cost is shared among all members of the group, driving the hourly rate down significantly. 

Allow me to demonstrate: 

Typical hourly rate for an out-of-network holistic provider: $400/hr

Average number of visits: 6-8

Total cost: $2400-$3200

Typical cost of a group visit: $55

Average number of sessions: 6-8

Total cost: $330-$440

At that rate, you could participate in multiple group health series each year! 

What happens in a group visit

The Organic Cure is currently developing 3 types of group visits: 

  1. Condition-centered
  2. Age-based
  3. Foundational health

Each offering looks different based on the curriculum and how in-depth the material is. 

For each group health series, a cohort will meet virtually for a set number of sessions, typically 6-10. Time per session is usually one hour or less. 

Sessions have a set schedule that includes education, FAQ, coaching, and homework. We provide you with printable tools, supplement recommendations, recipes, guides, and whatever else you need to be successful. 

What if I’m not local to Colorado?

You don’t have to be! No matter where you’re located, you’re welcome to join a group health series. 

Where do I sign up?

The hub for group health is found here. If there’s not an opening, hold tight! Lots more series will open based on demand. Join the email list for announcements when new series open. 

If you’re looking for something in particular, hit reply on the next email and send me a request! 

I can’t wait to see you in a series!

  • Dr. Lindsay  


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