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March 15, 2024

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Discover the overlooked symptoms of potential vaccine reactions and why safeguarding the immune system is key to solving modern health challenges. Explore the effectiveness of biotherapeutic drainage, a safe method suitable for infants and children, yielding noticeable improvements in days to weeks.

The Organic Cure’s Vaccination policy 

Bottom line: we believe in medical freedom. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in health. Choices around immunizations should be more personalized. 

We are troubled by the number of families that have been alienated by their providers because of their vaccine choices. Many children are missing out on essential care because their parents choose alternative vaccination plans.

While we appreciate the shift toward naturopathic care, we recognize its limits. Certain health issues require medical attention beyond our expertise.

We support a preventative approach through naturopathic care but acknowledge the need for medical providers in specific areas. Finding providers willing to bridge this gap, especially for non-fully vaccinated children, is increasingly challenging.

Our goal is optimal health for every child, combining naturopathic and conventional care as needed. That’s why we’ve made our best strategies available in our online course, the Vaccine Detox Workshop.

Why should we be concerned about vaccines? 

The United States has seen a concerning upward trend in chronic childhood illness over the last few decades. 

Approximately 40% of children and adolescents have at least one chronic disease, with obesity/overweight, eczema, and asthma being the most common. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in pediatric populations rose from 133% from 2007 to 2016. Specifically, Crohn’s disease was found to be twice as prevalent as ulcerative colitis among children. 

1 in 2.5 children has an allergy

The prevalence of allergies among children in the United States is a growing concern. 

In the United States, nearly 8% of children are diagnosed with pediatric food allergy, and the prevalence continues to increase.

Among children with allergies, 38.7% of children have experienced a severe reaction, and 30.4% have multiple food allergies. 

It is estimated that 2.2% of children in the US has a Peanut allergy, which has been increasing since 2001.

1 in 6 Children has Eczema

In 2003, about 10% of children were reported to have eczema. That number has since increased. As of 2022, reports show 15% and children have severe eczema. That doesn’t account for many cases that are likely undocumented because their symptoms are mild.

This is an issue we can weigh in on. Among our patient population, we commonly hear the narrative that parents saw eczema develop or exacerbate after 2 month old vaccines.

In the last month, 4 different families have reported their infant had dry skin prior to their 2 month vaccines, and afterwards developed full-blown eczema.

All four of the families report feeling dismissed when they brought this concern to their primary care pediatrician. They were told the eczema was not related to vaccines. The families were prescribed with topical steroids as the “only solution” and advised that this was either a lifetime diagnosis of eczema, or they would grow out of it by the age of 3.

1 in 6 has children a developmental disability

Developmental disabilities have also seen an uptick, with a 9.5% increase in prevalence among children aged 3 to 17 years from 2009 to 2017. Notably, there were significant increases in the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and intellectual disability.

The key takeaway from this data is that our children’s health is declining. Specifically, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions are increasing at an alarming rate, signifying that immune health is not getting better and stronger -it’s getting worse. 

Vaccines are not the only cause for concern. There are many environmental and societal factors at play which contribute to our pediatric disease patterns. 

But, let us ask this question…

Is it in our children’s best interest to continue supporting the theory that stimulating an immune response to prevent infectious diseases is worth increasing the likelihood of lifelong disease? 

What is the difference between adverse effects, reactions and vaccine injury? 

Understanding the terminology related to immunization is important for interpreting the outcomes. Each has a distinct meaning. 

  • Adverse effects to vaccination: ranging from mild side effects to severe complications. For instance, non-painful redness at injection site is considered an adverse effect. Others include diarrhea and fever.
  • Reactions: a subset of adverse effects that are immediate and observable, such as swelling at injection site, drowsiness, vomiting. They are typically mild and expected responses, even if the response is indicative of hypersensitivity. Reactions may be due to errors in vaccine production, handling, or administration. 
  • Vaccine Injury: a term generally reserved for more serious consequences which may be linked to genetic predispositions and could potentially lead to autoimmunity. 

In 2023 the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) paid over $170 million in settlements. Visit the most recent statistics here

How do I know if my Child was injured by Vaccines? 

Vaccine reactions can sometimes be immediately apparent, but often they’re not. Recognizing them requires close observation for lasting changes in health. 

While it’s common for children to feel unwell for a few days, a healthy immune system will recover fully with no cause for concern. If the immune system is compromised (including gut health) prior to immunizations, this can increase likelihood of adverse reactions. 

This article aims to raise awareness about symptoms often overlooked because they aren’t readily associated with vaccines. 

For instance, I’ve encountered numerous families reporting their child developing eczema around three months old, coinciding with vaccinations administered at two months. The immune system may take weeks to respond, leading to eczema formation. 

Mainstream medicine often overlooks this correlation, treating eczema as a separate issue rather than acknowledging it as a sign of an immune system seeking balance. 

Vaccine injuries meet any of these severity requirements (according to

  • Effects have lasted for more than six months after the vaccination
  • Resulted in inpatient hospitalization AND surgical intervention
  • Resulted in death

Symptoms of Vaccine Injury that are Often Overlooked

There’s a gray area. 

Some effects or reactions progress into vaccine injury without acknowledgement by healthcare professionals. 

Take, for instance, the formation of atopic dermatitis in small patches on the body post vaccination. Often, this is dismissed as typical skin irritation in children, expected to resolve over time. 

As the child progresses, encountering new foods, teething, and common viruses, the skin irritation may worsen of fluctuate. Yet, healthcare providers rarely scrutinize the health history enough to trace these reactions back to vaccinations, potentially worsening with each subsequent round. 

Parents, you are the best historians. You have the most crucial insights into your child’s health patterns. Here are some observations we’ve identified as potential health implications of vaccines, gleaned from our discussions with parents:

  • Digestive patterns such as constipation or chronic loose stools
  • Bloody or mucousy stool
  • Skin irritation such as eczema, ringworm, cradle cap or yeast infection
  • Disturbed and irregular sleep patterns
  • Mood fluctuations that are extreme and abnormal, with the sense the child is out of their body and has no control
  • Complaints of tummy aches on a regular basis, without a clear trigger
  • Behavior patterns shift, such as aggression, irritability, anger or obstinance
  • Delayed speech
  • Sensory dysfunction such as poor balance, aversion to textures, sensitivity to sound, or sensory seeking
  • Regressions in abilities such as potty training, speaking, or developmental milestones

These are examples we’ve witnessed in our patient population. 

Keep in mind, it’s normal for children to have “off-days” whether it’s from vaccines or something entirely different. In other words, they can have a few days of irregular stools and that doesn’t mean they’re vaccine injured. They may bounce back to normal if their immune system is resilient. 

There are also many children we’ve seen who have these symptoms and have NOT been vaccinated. In those cases, we’ve recognized other possible causes such as:

  • Mom receiving the TDap vaccine during pregnancy
  • Mom having COVID during pregnancy
  • Mom receiving antibiotics during delivery, or for mastitis during the early months of nursing
  • Mom having chronic health issues such as mold illness, lyme disease, or dysbiosis during pregnancy
  • C-section delivery 
  • Baby having a traumatic birth experience, or conditions resulting in a NICU stay

If your child has symptoms and you need help using natural remedies to heal them at home, check out our Vaccine Detox Workshop.

Vaccines are not the cause of all chronic illness

Let’s keep things in perspective. 

Correlation does not equate to causation. Just because many children with chronic illnesses have received vaccinations doesnt imply that vaccines cause issues in all children.

It’s essential to recognize that we’re bombarded with toxins from various sources:

  • Our produce is contaminated with pesticides
  • Our “food” is saturated with chemical substances such as: potassium bromate, propyl paraben, BHA, BHT, TBHQ, titanium dioxide, BVO, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, ADA, propyl gallate, and sodium benzoate. 
  • Our tap water is contaminated with PFAS and lead (check yours)
  • Wireless radiation 
  • Household products and cosmetics with phthalates and parabens
  • Off-gassing of VOC’s from our furniture and linens

The list could go on – and on. 

With our immune system under constant assault from various sources of toxicity, it’s crucial to be exceptionally conscientious about safeguarding it. 

Our immune system plays a vital role in protecting our health, and preserving its function is paramount to our overall well-being.

Autoimmune disease after Vaccination

Vaccinated children have higher rates of chronic conditions than unvaccinated. A pilot comparative study showed 45% of vaccinated children report chronic health conditions, as opposed to 25% among the unvaccinated population. 

The root of autoimmune disease is connected to a leaky gut. Allow me to explain. 

The gastrointestinal (GI) mucosal integrity plays a crucial role in maintaining immune homeostasis. 

Chemical and foreign substances interfere with gut microbiota, which leads to mucosal destruction. With the loss of this healthy barrier, immune homeostasis is disrupted because the immune system is being recruited to handle things that would normally be regulated by the microbiota. 

When the body experiences more frequent activation of the immune system, it enters a state of perpetual inflammation. The immune system never gets a break. As a result, autoimmune cells are activated. 

Autoimmunity is when the immune system inappropriately attacks the host. Organs and cells are damaged and unable to function properly.

Vaccine Injury Prevention

There are ways to minimize risk. A healthy and resilient immune system is more likely to return to homeostasis after exposure to vaccines. 

  1. Take care of the gut. A healthy gut microbiome is the foundation of a healthy immune system. An ideal scenario is a healthy mom delivering vaginally, then breastfeeding and introducing wholesome foods in wide varieties to the infant. Of course, there are other methods to help ensure a healthy gut when this perfect scenario doesn’t play out. 
  2. Be in good health when receiving an immunization. When a child is sick, their immune system is already activated and trying to recruit the appropriate cellular response. A vaccine administered during this time could destabilize the immune response and trigger and unintended reaction. 
  3. Supportive care around vaccines. Using immune supportive supplements, herbs and remedies surrounding immunizations can reduce the risk of adverse reactions. Some of our go-to recommendations include:
    1. Vitamin C
    2. Vitamin D
    3. Immune glycerite by Wise Woman Herbals
    4. Homeopathic Silicea 30C 
    5. Homeopathic Thuja 30C 
    6. Glutathione

We cannot offer dosing recommendations in this format. Please schedule an appointment if you’d like assistance with this. 

Supplements can be found in our online shop

Are there alternative Vaccine schedules? 

Yes. There are different philosophies on which vaccines should be included, and at what distance apart. Here are some resources you can explore to help you decide what’s best for your family: 

Vaccine-Friendly Doctors

There are seemingly endless stories of families seeking new providers after getting expelled for not following the recommended vaccine schedule. 

I actually feel for pediatricians out there who truly desire to help children, but they are handcuffed to the standards of big medicine. It’s unfortunate that insurance and pharmaceutical companies have more control over how care is administered than the physicians themselves. 

Some providers have strong ethical standards, and respect medical freedom. Dr. Green Mom has done a fantastic job assembling a list of these providers. Please reference her list to find a provider in your area. 

Natural Remedies for Vaccine Injury

There are 2 homeopathic remedies well-recognized for their synergistic ability to protect the immune system from adverse effects after vaccination. They are: 

  • Thuja
  • Silicea

There are many different schools of thought around dosing and usage of homeopathy. Fortunately, it’s a very forgiving form of natural medicine. There’s more right ways than wrong ways to use homeopathy. It also carries a very low risk of adverse effects. 

When I’m working directly with patients, I employ dosing strategies based on instinct. I get gut feelings about what is appropriate based on my physical assessment of my patients. 

For safety reasons, dosing recommendations will not be shared in this format. Please consult with your trusted homeopathic provider to assist you with this. 

We also recommend:

  • Extra Fiber from whole grains, nuts, seeds and leafy greens
  • Epsom salt baths and castor oil packs (18 months+), which support lymphatic drainage
  • Supportive Immune Herbs
  • Glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant which can be taken in supplemental form

How to detox after vaccination

There is a way to help the immune system return to homeostasis after being disrupted by vaccines. 

Most people refer to this as “vaccine detox.” That’s partially true, but the more accurate way to describe it is “vaccine drainage.” 

Detoxification is a whole body process of clearing toxins from the body. This is an all-encompassing process that includes diet and lifestyle changes to reduce the intake of toxins and improve elimination. 

Drainage supports the detox process by opening the emunctories and releasing the accumulated toxins. 

Think of a clogged sink filled with grimy, dirty water. We could add clean water to it, which would dilute the filth. We could add lots of things to help neutralize bacteria or mold from growing in it. Over time, the water may seep out slowly and could eventually be replaced with pure water. 

Drainage ensures the drain is wide open so the dirty water can be released quickly and completely. It makes the whole detoxification process exponentially easier and more effective. 

The methods we use

In our practice, we use specialized blends of homeopathy that work together to activate drainage. We call it biotherapeutic drainage. The best part is, it’s safe for infants and children. We can encourage their bodies to release toxic buildup without depleting them or causing herxheimer reactions. 

We study the symptoms to know which remedies to use. Symptoms point to which organs are in need of the most support. Through the use of proper remedies, those organs regain their full function, cells begin to communicate again, and stagnant toxins become mobilized and evacuated. 

This process unfolds in a matter of days to weeks. It’s not uncommon for parents to report improvements within 5-10 days of beginning biotherapeutic drainage. 

Improvements may be drastic, but they’re typically subtle. We’ve come to expect parents to say things like: 

  • “I can’t put my finger on it, but she’s just easier to get along with now”.
  • “I don’t know if it can happen this fast, but it seems like she took a huge leap in just a few days.”
  • “I was expecting the improvements in his skin, but I’ve also noticed other improvements in his behavior and his appetite.” 
  • “All of a sudden he started saying words, as if he’s known them all along!”
  • “I don’t know what happened but he decided to start using the toilet, after being afraid of it for years.” 

No two stories look exactly the same, but we’ve seen and heard enough stories like this, that we felt compelled to make these methods available to all families.

We know so many of you are struggling and suffering, searching desperately for guidance.  That’s why we developed the Vaccine Detox Workshop

We packaged all of our most successful protocols into an online format so anyone can learn and apply them in their homes. Click here for more information on this workshop.

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