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The Organic Cure offers personalized care, as opposed to “one-size-fits-all” protocols, so you can uncover the root causes behind your child's symptoms.

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✔️ We believe in personalized care & bio-individuality 
✔️ We believe in digging deep to undercover root causes

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My Own winding Health Journey.

I didn't exactly plan to become a doctor. In fact, natural medicine sort of found me, and the rest snowballed from there. But, let me explain. 

As a teenager I was misdiagnosed with epilepsy & put on medication that left me feeling numb and isolated. I lived this way for years until I was finally diagnosed correctly & able to heal naturally. 

Many years later, I gave birth to my third baby - my "miracle baby", born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. During our stay at Denver Children’s Hospital, I watched as medical advances saved her life & was humbled by the life-saving aspects of modern medicine. 

But, raising my "miracle baby" quickly brought me back to natural medicine as I searched for answers that mainstream medicine simply didn't have. And once again, I was reminded of the incredible power of natural medicine & holistic protocols. These experiences left me eager to share all that I had learned with other families, and the rest really is history. 

My family jokes about my slight obsession with healthy beverages - I've always got several options with me 😂

Today, I have a healthy appreciation for life-saving medical advances, while relying primarily on natural medicine to keep my family healthy. I work with families to develop treatment plans that fit their personal values & preferences.

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The path to a healthy life begins with the seeds you plant in childhood.

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