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Whether you googled “best holistic doctor colorado springs” or you were referred to us by one of our many amazing patients, we’re so glad you’re here!

We believe in making high-quality health care accessible to every family


Say goodbye to “one-size-fits-all” health care & uncover the root causes behind your family's symptoms.

  • We  believe parents know best
  • We believe in listening closely
  • We believe in respecting your values 
  • We believe in bio-individuality 
  • We believe in finding real answers

Holistic Doctor Colorado Springs - Dr. Lindsay + Dr. Liora 

A Grassroots Movement

As a health-minded parent, you probably know what it’s like to leave the doctor’s office feeling disappointed.

You meet with your doctor for 20 minutes.
They give you a diagnosis.
Prescribe some medication.
Then send you on your way…

You leave without any real solution to your health concerns, oftentimes feeling more confused than when you went in. 

If you feel frustrated, you are not alone. 

There is a problem with the way our society approaches health care in that this widely-used model doesn’t support disease prevention, nor does it make space for creating optimal health beyond what’s considered “normal”.

The Organic Cure was born to raise the bar.

We lead the movement for families like you who are seeking to shift the health of the rising generation through natural healing.

After years of running as a solo-operated, pediatric-focused practice, and being approached by mamas daily who wanted this type of revolutionary care for themselves…

We decided it was time to grow.

Because we know healthier parents raise healthier children.

And if our journey has shown us anything, it’s that transforming the health family’s here in Colorado Springs has a ripple effect that just doesn’t stop.
Today, we’re honored to serve your whole family, helping you + your kids achieve your full potential & live your most beautiful life.

Who We Are


We are constantly seeking out new & creative ways to solve health problems. 


We empower you with the knowledge & skills to heal your family & build better health.


We believe the human body was designed to thrive & that it is capable of great healing.

Meet The Doctors

dr. Lindsay

Colorado Springs Pediatrician

Dr. Lindsay Hollister, N.D, is a mama of 3, natural remedy extraordinaire, and the naturopathic pediatrician behind The Organic Cure. 

She gives parents actionable tools and strategies they can implement at home to help their kids become truly healthy. Dr. Lindsay reassures parents that children are resilient, and their bodies have incredible potential to heal using gentle tools like herbs, homeopathy, and nutrition.

When she’s not hanging out with your kiddos, Dr. Lindsay is usually spending time with her own! She and her husband enjoy taking the family on different adventures around the Colorado Springs natural playground.

Dr. Liroa

Dr. morris

Colorado Springs Naturopathic doctor

functional medicine doctor

Dr. Liora Mor, N.D, is an outdoor enthusiast, data-junkie, and women’s health expert. 

She uses her years of experience as a naturopathic doctor, certified personal trainer, and behavior change specialist to help patients balance hormones, improve digestion, and achieve optimal aging. 

In addition to her impressive background, she has a humble way of making her patients feel seen and heard. She’s passionate about providing personalized care for women, and is dedicated to helping you find the hidden problems other doctors have dismissed. 

When she’s not at the office, Dr. Liora is typically hitting the trails and crushing mountains (ask her about her trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro!). She’s a brand new Colorado resident, so when you see her, make sure to spill all the best hiking spots. ;) 

Dr. Nathan Morris, MD, Owner of Good Medicine

We are proud to be in partnership with this esteemed chronic illness expert. As the Chief Medical Adviser for Pure Encapsulations and creator of PureGenomics, he is leading the effort to heal highly complex diseases such as chronic lyme, long-haul COVID, and mast cell activation syndrome. 

This partnership makes The Organic Cure the first Integrative Health practice in Colorado Springs to offer prescription medication and prescription botanicals under one roof. 

We Are On a

Through our results-driven model of care, we’ve become the fastest growing holistic practice in Colorado Springs. We’re committed to making high-quality health care accessible to everyone, so we can create a healthier community and a healthier world. The Organic Cure helps your family thrive by:

cutting-edge medicine

Attending top conferences worldwide to keep up with cutting-edge medicine.


Providing innovative holistic health services based on the latest science.


Giving you the tools you need to prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Safely Detox Your Child From Vaccines With Dr. Lindsay's Proven Methodology.

Finally resolve your child's unwanted health symptoms & naturally detox them at home with Dr. Lindsay's safe & effective protocols.

Detox Workshop

Holistic Doctor Colorado Springs

Are You Ready to Join The Movement? 



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