Heal Your Child's Eczema (without steroids or harmful medications)

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Get Access to My Proven Methodology for Healing Childhood Eczema, Naturally. 

As a mother of three, I get it. Nobody likes to see their child struggle with the itching, burning & pain that comes along with eczema.

It's frustrating when you go from doctor to doctor, in search of answers only to end up back at ground zero, left with no other option than to rely on the harmful steroid creams (that don't even solve the underlying problem!!).

But the good news is, YOU can heal your child's eczema, and I'm going to show you exactly how!

yes, this is the same exact system I've used in my own pediatric clinic to treat hundreds of children.

How It Works

Grab your spot in my online course where I share the exact process I have used with my own children & hundreds of pediatric patients.


Join a growing community of like-minded mamas on a mission & learn to apply this exact methodology to heal your own kids, by getting to the root cause.


Implement the strategies in your own home and celebrate as your kids finally start to experience natural relief from the itching, burning & pain!


Hi, I'm Dr. Lindsay - Naturopathic Pediatrician & Mother of Three.

I want to help you heal your child's eczema with a holistic process I developed here in my own pediatric clinic in Colorado Springs.

I was so tired of seeing parents arrive at my clinic having battled eczema for years, only to end up with more damage from the steroids, antibiotics, and immune suppressing medications than from the actual eczema!

These poor parents had gone from doctor to doctor, only to be given harmful creams that only masked the underlying issues & kept their kids in the same cycle of itching & pain!

You asked & I delivered

With eczema questions flooding my inbox, I knew I needed to create a course, and that's exactly what I did!

Too many people (including doctors!) accept eczema as a chronic condition that simply needs to be "managed" with medications or creams. But this approach fails to pinpoint why your child is experiencing eczema in the first place.

Because here's the truth...

You probably have lots of unanswered questions, like...

Why does my child have eczema?

In my experience, the source of Eczema is often the gut. Sometimes there are food sensitivities at play, and other times it's a deeper problem at the heart of the immune system that needs to be addressed. Another factor is heavy use of antibiotics & other medications, and I dive into all these details inside the course!

How can I stop the itching?

The course is jam-packed with non-toxic options to help relieve the itching & burning, FAST. These are more safe than the steroid creams that you've likely been offered by your primary care doctor, and YES, they actually work.

How long does the healing take?

Raising naturally healthy kids is a process. It's not something you set out to solve overnight. However, by combining the fast-acting options given in the course with the longer-term protocols for deeper internal healing, you can feel good about helping your child stay comfortable while also preventing future occurrences. 

You are entirely capable of healing your child - you just need the right support & knowledge to help you along the way.

There’s no magic bullet solution. But there is a proven methodology that can get you results in months rather than years. 

Learn exactly how to tell if your child's rash is actually eczema in the first place! And what to do if you’re not sure.

What you'll learn:

Find out which lab tests are worth paying for, and exactly where to get them (plus, how doctors track progress over time).



The value & results you can expect:

Learn about the less-known contributors that may not be on your radar yet (weather, stress, yeast, drug reaction) & what to do about them.


Get access to a detailed flow chart that shows you exactly what to do (plus how to do food elimination the right way). 


Learn about traditions passed down through naturopaths that use water to heal (plus the most helpful supplements to support your child) 


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Access to an online Community

Lifetime access to the course content


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You can heal your own kids!

I speak from experience when I say, it's incredibly rewarding to watch your kids truly heal. This course gives you a proven roadmap to strengthen their guts, treat their symptoms (naturally) & ultimately give them a strong foundation for lasting health. 

Ready to finally Put an end to this eczema battle & heal your child from the inside out?

Give Your Child The Gift Of Healing.

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