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Your family deserves a doctor who listens closely & empowers you to make informed decisions that are best for your family. We're so glad you've found us - welcome!

NATUROPATHIC Doctor Colorado Springs

We empower families to question the status quo & Build Better Health, So The Whole Family Can Thrive, Naturally.

You Deserve a Naturopathic Doctor Who Respects Your Values.

We know how hard it is to find great care because parents tell us: 

 "I never feel heard or fully understood at the doctor's office"

 "I'm tired of having to defend my decisions"

 "Our last doctor laughed at the food sensitivities"

"I'm tired of leaving with more questions than I came with"

 "My last doctor said my labs look fine, but I'm struggling"

you deserve better!

Wife, Mama of Three, Believer, Naturopathic Doctor & Colorado Springs Native 

Founder, Dr. Lindsay Hollister, Believes Parents Know Best.

Dr. Lindsay Hollister, Founder of The Organic Cure, is a mother of three kiddos, committed to honoring the important role that YOU play as a parent. She's passionate in her belief that parents know best & strives to empower you every step of the way.

Dr. Lindsay started The Organic Cure as a pediatric clinic, but quickly realized the power in serving the whole family under one convenient roof. Get to know our growing team of Naturopathic Doctors. 

Safely Detox Your Child From Vaccines With Dr. Lindsay's Proven Methodology.

Finally resolve your child's unwanted health symptoms & naturally detox them at home with Dr. Lindsay's safe & effective protocols.

Detox Workshop

Doctor Colorado Springs

for kids + grown-ups

It can be hard to get enough nutrition through food alone. We use high-quality supplements to either replenish nutritional deficiencies or aid in gentle detox.

Homeopathy can help with everything from anxiety to a sore throat. It's especially great for kids because it's not habit-forming and has < 1% risk of side effects. 

Herbal medicine offers a non-toxic & gentle approach to healing that works with the body, rather than against it. We are trained in kid-safe herbs and dosing. 

In today's modern society, healing touch is often overlooked. We incorporate craniosacral therapy to guide the body into alignment & offer gentle care for kids.

Food is medicine. Proper nutrition is vital in getting well and staying well. We provide customized meal plans based on your family's preferences & individual needs. 

In addition to basic blood work, we offer specialized testing to help uncover the root causes behind stubborn symptoms. We always avoid unnecessary and expensive testing. 

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Naturopathic Doctor Colorado Springs


Convenient scheduling & options, designed for busy families


The best Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado Springs & beyond.


Zero judgment around your family's vaccination status & preferences.


The perfect blend of ancient modalities & cutting-edge research.


A long-term trusted partner to support your entire family.

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Convenient naturopathic services designed for busy parents who want real results & personalized support.


babies + kids

Colorado Spring's top Naturopathic Pediatrician for babies + kids, with group coaching + individual care options.


Free Family Immunity Guide

A Naturopathic Doctor's guide to supplements & protocols to keep your entire family healthy all year long. Includes general dosing for both adults + kids! 

Start With a Virutal "Meet & Greet"

Ready to get started with a Naturopathic Doctor in Colorado Springs? The first step is to book a free virtual "Meet & Greet" so we can get to know one another. From there, we'll match you with the best available support, whether that's group coaching, individual care or an online course. We look forward to meeting you!


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