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I'm Dr. Lindsay -
Naturopathic Pediatrician in Colorado Springs, Serving Families Near & Far.

Your children deserve a doctor who's truly invested in their health & wellbeing. A doctor who listens closely & empowers you to make the choices that are right for your family. I'm so glad you're here!

I help families raise naturally healthy kids using safe & effective naturopathic principles that allow Kids to thrive the way they're intended to.

You Deserve a Pediatrician Who Respects Your Approach to Health & Wellness. 

✖️ "They say everything is fine, but I know it's not"

✖️ "They don't seem to respect natural approaches"

✖️ "I left with more questions than I started with"

✖️ "I never feel heard or fully understood"

✖️ "I'm tired of having to defend my preferences"

Finding great pediatric care is tough. I hear firsthand from parents about the challenges they've faced before coming to our clinic. Maybe you can relate:

Wife, Mama of Three, Nature-Enthusiast, Believer, Tea Connoisseur & Colorado Springs Native 

Hi, I'm Dr. Lindsay -
I empower families to question the status quo & raise healthy kids, naturally.

As a mother of three, I know what it’s like to leave the doctor’s office feeling scared, ignored & misunderstood. I’m committed to listening deeply & honoring your role as the parent or caregiver because I believe you know best when it comes to your child. 

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The path to a healthy life begins with the seeds you plant in childhood.

It can be hard to get enough nutrition through food alone. I use high-quality supplements to either replenish nutritional deficiencies or aid in gentle detox.


Homeopathy can help with everything from anxiety to a sore throat. It's especially great for kids because it's not habit-forming and has < 1% risk of side effects. 

Herbal medicine offers a non-toxic & gentle approach to healing that works with the body, rather than against it. I am trained in kid-safe herbs and dosing. 

In today's modern society, healing touch is often overlooked. I make sure every physical exam is gentle and incorporate craniosacral therapy to guide the body into alignment

Food is medicine. Proper nutrition is vital in getting well and staying well. I provide customized meal plans based on your child's needs & preferences.

In addition to basic blood work, I offer highly specialized testing to help uncover the root causes behind stubborn symptoms. I always avoid unnecessary and expensive testing. 


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This is our chance to meet one another & decide if we're a good fit. Grab your favorite beverage & cozy up for for a no-charge consultation. 

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New patient appointments allow me to address immediate concerns while also gathering important health history & family preferences. 

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Based on your unique situation, I will provide you with a clear path forward about how we can work together to improve your child's health. 


Heal Your Child From Eczema (Without Harmful Steroids or Medications).

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Home remedies are more powerful than you may realize. Take this quiz to get matched with one of my top remedies based on your child's current health concerns.

Dr. Lindsay is an excellent naturopathic pediatrician. As a first time mom, she's helped me so much!

— Tiffany THompson | naturopathic pediatrician client

Dr. Lindsay was the first doctor we met to truly take the time to listen. Our family is so thankful to have her. 

— D.M | naturopathic pediatrician client

Dr. Lindsay is so kind & caring. She helped us develop a fully natural plan to heal my son’s eczema. 

— Aleesha Nelson | naturopathic pediatrician client


To help give your kids a strong foundation for lasting health, so


I'm on a mission to transform the health outlook of the rising generation with natural medicine & better overall care. And it starts with bold parents (just like you!) who are challenging the status quo & seeking better care for their children. 

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they can reach their full

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Do you offer Ongoing primary care? 

I believe naturopathic care IS primary care. As a naturopathic pediatrician, I offer well-child exams that go far beyond height, weight & vaccines to help you establish a foundation for lasting health. 

Do You Treat Chronic Symptoms? 

As a naturopathic pediatrician, I'm well-suited to treat chronic pediatric health concerns, Things like eczema, constipation, and poor behavior serve as clues to help us uncover the root causes behind your child's symptoms. 

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yes we do!

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