Kid Safety: Hidden dangers of EMF exposure and what to do about it.

April 5, 2021

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How many times each day do you protect your kids from danger?

  • “Don’t touch that, it’s hot!”
  • “Wear your helmet!”
  • “Look both ways before you cross the street.”

But it’s harder to recognize the dangers we can’t see. One of those is in your hand right now, and is probably in your child’s hands multiple times a day. It’s the Electro-Magnetic Frequency being emitted from electronic devices – and we may not see the harmful effects until it’s too late.

EMF Harmonizer: How Can It Protect Our Children?

Stop and think for a second about a time when you’ve been around technology all day.

How do you feel? Are you…

  • Tired? 
  • Fatigued?
  • Anxious? 
  • Stressed out? 

We’re not the only ones who feel this way – our children feel it, too.


Wireless devices give off invisible waves that affect our body’s nervous system and other important organs. (1)

These waves are called EMFs and can be a danger to our and our children’s health.

In a world where technology is a central part of our everyday lives – starting at a very young age – it’s important to protect our kids from the harmful effects of common devices.

What Are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, refer to the radiation given off by wireless technologies.

Many of these technologies we use every day. Some devices that give off EMFs include:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Baby monitors
  • Microwaves
  • TVs
  • Wifi-routers
  • IPads

Yes, all of them! It’s hard to imagine life without some of these devices, right? As much as I wish I could live without my cell phone, it’s essential for how I live my life today.

You may not know that we ourselves are electromagnetic beings. Our bodies use electromagnetic frequencies to control important organs in our body, like our:

  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Nervous system
  • Hormones

Unnatural electromagnetic radiation from our devices is negatively impacting our bodies. It’s harmful to our health – and even more so to our kiddos. 

Why Do Our Kids Need Protection?

Does your child…

  • Have a cell phone? 
  • Play video games on the weekends? 
  • Use a computer for school?  

It’s hard to imagine the answer not being yes in today’s world.

Even if they don’t use these devices directly, kids are exposed to large amounts of radiation involuntarily. (2) Even our babies can be indirectly exposed through appliances in the home.

Our kids need protection from radiation because they are most vulnerable. 

Why is it imperative to protect our kids from EMFs? 

Our children are going through crucial developmental stages. (3) Young people’s bodies are extremely sensitive, and so the negative impacts of radiation are greater.

EMFs are associated with dangerous health effects, from creating stress and anxiety to causing cancer. (4)

Our little ones face a ton of mental and physical stresses just by growing into adults. As parents, we want to eliminate any additional, unnatural stressors that are causing them harm.

But many of these devices are unavoidable. What can we do to protect our little bundles of joy from radiation? 

The EMF Sprouts Test

On the left is a bowl of cress sprouts
after 10 days next to a WiFi router without any EMF protection. On the right is an identical bowl after 10 days
next to the WiFi router with an EMF Harmonizer+ on it. The difference is clear, and startling.

EMF Conditions – The electromagnetic radiation from the WiFi router next to Bowl A was detectable and
registered in the “red zone” for magnetic and electrical EMF’s, at the same levels for both phases of the
test. There was no detectable radiation next to Bowl B in both phases of the test.

Results – In Phase 1 the cress sprouts in Bowl A next to the WiFi router were noticeably less healthy and
robust than those Bowl B. In Phase 2, with the EMF Harmonizer+ attached to the WiFi router, the health
and robustness of the sprouts in both Bowl A and Bowl B showed no noticeable difference.

Conclusion – The Harmonizer+ attached to the WiFi router in Phase 2 mitigated the damaging properties
of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the WiFi router, such that the sprouts grew as healthy and
robust as those 8 feet away with no radiation in the vicinity.


How EMF Harmonizers Can Help

Learning about EMFs can be scary.

EMF harmonizer

You might be wondering, how am I going to tell my kids I’m throwing away their cell phones, Xbox, television, school computer, and our microwave? 

The good news is you don’t have to.

Using a harmonizer can significantly decrease your family’s exposure to EMFs. 

Harmonizers emit a vibrational frequency that neutralizes the frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

In other words, EMF Harmony products create more natural energy frequencies that don’t do our bodies harm.

These products protect your children from the harmful effects of radiation – especially feelings of stress and anxiety after spending time on electronics. 

Harmonizers make it possible to live in modern life and protect your family from radiation.

While these products are extremely effective, they don’t get rid of radiation completely. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of radiation from these devices and still try to limit your little one’s screen time.

Why Choose EMF Harmony?

There are some options out there for companies that offer EMF protection. I choose EMF Harmony products for a few reasons:

  • In-depth research: The company’s technology is proven and documented in various research studies, which are easily accessible on their website.
  • Range of products: EMF Harmony offers a variety of products that offer every protection, from your car to the home office – even jewelry you can wear for on-the-go protection.
  • Simple and effective: While the technology used is very complex, the product design is simple. I like the way their products blend in with my space.

I only advocate for holistic products that I truly believe are beneficial to our children’s health. EMF Harmony products are one I’m happy to get behind.

Protect Your Pack

All of us mama bears want what’s best for our children – we’ll do everything in our power to protect our cubs. Thanks to companies like EMF Harmony, you can protect your family without having to worry that your baby monitor is harming your little one.

Get 10% off your harmonizer with the coupon code: ORGANIC or use this link to shop for products.

Connect with me on Instagram and tell me which products you love most!


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