How a Naturopathic Pediatrician Fits Into Your Family’s Health Care Team.

January 7, 2022

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You don’t have to stop seeing your conventional doctors, when working with a naturopathic pediatrician. We coordinate care with them. If need arises, I refer. visits centered around your goals, addressing concerns often overlooked by conventional. Drugs and surgery are a last resort

If you’ve ever gone to the pediatrician and felt like you knew more than them about health – this is the place for you!  We dig into the nitty-gritty details of your child’s health together, like health detectives, to uncover the root cause when you have concerns. Once we’ve nailed down the basic foundation, we can dig into the details. I love to geek out with you on the not-so-mainstream health topics. Your eclectic ideas are welcome here! 

Should we stop seeing our pediatrician? 

I recommend my patients have an allopathic practitioner as part of their health care team. Whether that’s an MD, DO, PA, or NP is up to you. It’s the best way to ensure you have access to the care your kids need, when they need it. 

Where do we go for a checkup? 

The families I work with bring their children for regular checkups, and they see the best results. Basic check ups allow us to chat about the everyday things that keep your kiddo on track for optimal health. Are they eating right? Sleeping well? Developing properly? Are they learning coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, and depression? Is your lifestyle suitable to raising naturally healthy kids? Our checkups are intended to help you build a healthy lifestyle that helps your kids reach their full potential. 

The Organic Cure is where the learning happens

We believe our most critical role in your kid’s health is to teach you, the parents, how to help them at home. Dr. Lindsay takes the time in your visits to teach you what you want to know. She’s also opening many new opportunities for parents to learn outside of appointments. It’s our goal to empower you so you can empower your children. That’s the only way we’ll achieve our vision of transforming the health of the rising generation. 

When kids get sick

Even the healthiest kids get sick from time-to-time. Our goal is to help them get better faster, and make a complete recovery. When you’re working with a naturopathic pediatrician, you can start with the least invasive approach. Non-toxic remedies can help your child’s body heal itself. Most of the time, these methods work phenomenally, and their immune system is stronger as a result. We have safety parameters in place for the occasional illness that doesn’t respond well to natural remedies, and we guide you through the process of involving conventional care.  

When there’s an emergency 

Our practice is focused on building and sustaining wellness. Urgent care is not our specialty. For that reason, patients working with a naturopathic pediatrician always have their backup plan. When kids need help outside of regular business hours, it’s critical to have a trusted urgent care or 24-hour line you can call for service. 

The Therapeutic Order of Naturopathic Medicine 

The process of starting with the least invasive, and working our way to more conventional techniques is called the therapeutic order. It’s an art form that naturopaths have been practicing for centuries. Where allopathic doctors rely heavily on drugs and surgery, I have several other options to explore before I get to that level. I vow to use the most natural, least invasive methods to help your little one heal.  

If it’s not in your budget

Dr. Lindsay has a vision to make naturopathic care available to every family, regardless of socioeconomic status. She has competitively priced her one-on-one care, and yet it can still be a stretch for many families. Group care is an innovative concept gaining popularity around the world. When multiple patients share an appointment time, they can split the cost and still have a similar experience to one-on-one. In fact, research shows people are more successful when working in supportive groups. Look for more group opportunities to roll out this year.

Looking for a naturopathic pediatrician for you kiddo?

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