When is my baby ready for solids?

September 1, 2020

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You’ve got questions about feeding your little one and we’ve got answers!

When is my baby ready for solids?

  1. Closely observing people eating⁣
  2. Reaching for food on your plate⁣
  3. Supporting their own head confidently⁣
  4. Opens mouth when food is offered⁣
  5. Tongue thrust reflex diminishes⁣

What is the tongue thrust reflex?

The is when you touch a spoon to baby’s lips and he pushes his tongue out. This is an important reflex for latching on to the breast. As he becomes ready for solid foods, you’ll notice that this reflex goes away and instead, he opens his mouth to accept food from the spoon. ⁣

What foods should I feed my baby first?

Avocados are a favorite first food because they’re such a great source of healthy fats. But they also contain lots of vitamins & and minerals. ⁣Other first foods that should be on your grocery list:⁣

  1. bananas⁣
  2. sweet potatoes⁣
  3. pears⁣
  4. squash⁣
  5. carrots⁣

How do I prepare solid food for my baby?

For harder foods, them until they are soft then mash. Once your baby is accustomed to a food you can it with bone broth or coconut oil to add more nutrients. ⁣This soft puree is easy to pour into ice cube trays and for easy meals in the future! Once the cube is frozen, pop it out and store in an airtight container in the freezer. ⁣

Should I feed my baby nuts?

⁣There was a time when we thought avoidance was the answer. But in fact, that was more of an assumption rather than evidence-based advice. ⁣⁣What research actually shows is that of foods (4-6 months) allows the immune system to be exposed to food antigens and develop tolerance before the gut lining is fully developed.⁣⁣ That said, I wouldn’t take this as permission to give your 4 month old a spoon full of peanut butter. ⁣⁣

How will I know if my baby has a food allergy or sensitivity?

Here’s how to introduce foods:⁣

  1. Introduce just food at a time, let’s say tofu just for kicks⁣
  2. Watch for physical or behavioral ⁣
  3. If you don’t notice significant changes, continue to incorporate tofu for – ⁣
  4. After this amount of time it’s safe to assume their digestive and immune system tolerates that food, so it can become a item on the menu⁣

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