Get Access to Dr. Lindsay's proven system to overcome stubborn symptoms & raise healthier kids, naturally.

Become Your Family’s Health Expert & Heal Your Kids at Home.

A masterclass for mamas + caregivers

But unfortunately, you can’t trust your doctor to help.

You’re Desperate For Real Solutions to Your Child’s Pain.

Because every time you visit the pediatrician’s office, you explain the problem and plead for answers...only to walk out with another medication. Or perhaps worse, you’re told there is nothing they (or you) can do about it.

This isn’t your first go-around with your doctor. You’ve done this same old song and dance time and time again. Maybe last time, the medication got rid of your child’s symptoms… for a little while. Until they came back worse than ever just a few months later. Maybe it created a whole new set of symptoms, so your child didn’t appear to act like themselves anymore. 

Watch your child live their best life, and not feel so different.

Enjoy more quality time with your family, free from stress about health.

Master easy strategies that keep your family's health improving.

Feel confident making decisions around your child’s health.

You’re desperate for real solutions to your child’s pain… 

You’re worried this is just how things are going to be for your child.

Sadly, Your Doctor Isn't Solving the Problem.

You’re frustrated that you care more about your little one’s health than your doctor does. 

You’re desperate to understand the cause of the issue, so you can ditch the band-aid fixes once and for all. 

You don’t need another prescription. You need education, so YOU understand how to find natural solutions to your child’s health problems. And when I say “education” I’m not talking about spending hours sifting through articles on Google, or posts on Instagram.

here's the truth mama...

I’m talking about learning a proven system to help you understand what your child’s symptoms mean and how to fix the root cause using highly sophisticated natural medicine.

so you can...

Naturopathic Doctor + mama on a mission

Like most moms...there was so much I didn’t know when I started my family. With my first-born, I couldn’t figure out how to breastfeed him. When he got sick, the only tool my doctor gave me was Tylenol

And when my third child was born with a life-threatening health condition, I was surrounded by doctors who were telling me what to do for my baby, but none of them understood the holistic approach I wanted to take with my kids. 

Hey there, I'm

Dr Lindsay

Back then, all I wanted was someone I could trust to help me best support my kids' health. 

and learning everything I could about how to raise naturally healthy children, I vowed to become the doctor I so desperately wanted, while helping other moms feel confident and empowered in their own decisions. To help moms like you understand the WHY behind your child’s health symptoms, and have a medicine cabinet full of natural remedies you know how to use. So, I decided to compile the best of what I know, and create the course I wish I had before I went through 4 years of medical school!

In my pediatric practice, I’ve now helped hundreds of kids heal using my proven system

it's taken years to develop...

After becoming a Naturopathic Doctor...

but I've finally done it. I've come up with a system that can work for any child, with any health problem. I start by priming the body for healing, which is a step most other holistic and functional doctors skip. So, rather than dive right into recommending dozens of supplements, I use a unique approach that awakens the mind-body connection first. After that, the body is more receptive to healing, and every remedy and supplement that follows is absorbed and assimilated properly, leading to long-lasting results. Now, I’m handing YOU the keys to use this proven system for yourself…

Learn a Naturopathic Doctor’s step-by-step system for solving common health problems that allows you to get to the root cause and heal your child naturally.

Heal Your Kids at Home



"The investment in the masterclass and coaching was more than a financial investment – it was an investment in my family’s health that I can see having a tremendous impact on our quality of life."

No Matter Where You Are in Your Health Journey, This Class Will Allow You to…

Learn & implement real solutions to your child’s health issues

Heal multiple problems at once using a holistic approach

Use non-toxic remedies that work with the body, rather than against it

Adopt lifestyle changes that truly make an impact on well-being 

Become your family's health expert & save money on doctor's visits

Have a rinse-and-repeat process that gets results every time

and so much more!

We're not about prescribing 30 supplements and sending you on your way. That's called green-pharma and it's not responsible healing. What you need is a sustainability plan. Once your kids are better, we'll show you what to do to keep them well. That includes what to eat, how to get quality sleep, and how to build a naturally healthy lifestyle.

live & eat to sustain results

Real talk. The world is different ever since COVID. Especially for children who's immune systems were developing during quarantine. The rapid rise in autoimmune disease is a huge concern for Dr. Lindsay, and she wants to teach you how to protect your children from a future of chronic disease. Learn the ways she protects her patients at the nano-level.


If you're here, you must believe the body can heal itself. We certainly do! The tricky part is, sometimes the body isn't ready to heal, because it's so used to being stuck in dysfunction. Dr. Lindsay has coined a specific method that primes the body for healing, and speeds the healing process.After you learn her trade secrets in this masterclass, you'll be ready for any symptom your kiddos face.

Prep the body for healing

Every child is unique. As a parent, you know that. Their bodies experience different traumas, toxins, and pathogens. Their genes are programmed to respond differently to the world around them. No one knows your babies like you do. So, who better to find the root cause? We'll guide you through the process, teach you the questions to ask, and help you peel back the layers.

identify the root cause

Here's What You'll Learn:

You'll have lifetime access to experience the modules at your pace, plus, you’ll receive a beautifully designed workbook to keep you focused from start to finish.

Here's How the Course Breaks Down


It's important to understand what brought you to this point, + what your goals are. We'll do some brainstorming and goal setting to kick things off right.

Embracing natural medicine means learning to see yourself as your family's health expert. Get a motivational pep talk + start building confidence in your new found role. 

Success comes from knowing exactly what problem you need to fix. Get guidance so you can ask the right questions, and get complete clarity around the root cause issue you're trying to fix.

Getting to the root of the problem is challenging if you don't know what to look for. If you want real results there's a few things we have to nail down first.

Get ultra-clear on your problem and the root cause

Quick Start Guide 



The course includes exact remedies and protocols using specialized homeopathic blends. Use your new found training to know which remedy to use and when.

Learn how to gently awaken detox channels to support daily lymphatic drainage + healthy bowel movements without depleting their system.   

There's a reason kids get "stuck" and problems keep coming back. Learn the specifics for YOUR child, and what to do about it.

This is where we move out of stuckness and into healing. Set the stage for a new normal that is not defined by symptoms, disease and labels.

Open those detox channels to prime the body for healing

Break The Symptom Cycle



Learn the gut-healing supplements and nutrition strategies that build strong microbiomes that your children will thank you for when they're older. 

We're sharing the most common protocols we use for sick kids, so you have an action plan you can easily replicate in your household.

Learn how the post-COVID environment has changed the way we support kids, and what this means for protecting them from autoimmune disease.

Gut healing is a key focus in this module, as well as helping them bounce back from sickness quicker and easier. 

Improve their overall resilience

Healing The Immune System



Learn how health-conscious moms build meal plans and get their kids to be excited about eating their vegetables. 

Remove the items lurking in your pantry that are keeping your kids in a sick state...and how to get them unhooked from the unhealthy foods they're addicted to. 

Learn which foods are most needed, and why, so you can build a nutrition plan that is customized to fit what your kids need the most.

Once the healing is complete, how do you keep your kid well? We want you to know exactly what steps to take to make your household a healthy environment.

A healing plan is only as good as it's sustainability.




Learn how this course can be repeated, with a better outcome each time. That's why you have lifetime access!

What to teach your kids so they can feel empowered to listen to their body and make quick changes when they notice something is trending the wrong direction. 

Build your team of providers, practitioners, and friends who keep your healing journey moving forward. You should never feel alone again.

The journey doesn't end here! Our most successful alumni stay plugged in to supportive communities, and become more healthy each year. 

Rinse, repeat, and reach out

Keep Your Momentum


the time is now!

The printable workbook guides you through every step.

This workbook was carefully created to help you make expert decisions and take action! You will learn what questions to ask to help you find the root cause, and exactly how to use each remedy. 


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masterclass + CoaCHING

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Ready to Heal Your Child?


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What to Expect From Coaching

Direct access to me and other moms who are moving through the course with you

Receive regular hands-on support from me and speed up your results as you implement what you learn with your child. This route is perfect for mamas who desire some extra hand-holding and connection!

Everything that’s included in the masterclass

8-weeks of 1-hour weekly group coaching sessions 

and so much more!

- cassie

"Dr. Lindsay was SUCH a joy on the coaching sessions. She is greatly appreciated and her efforts to launch this course have been life-giving for our family!"

There are enough parents out there who’ve had poor experiences with their doctor. I’d like that to end with me. My wish is for you to be successful, and to feel good about what you find inside the Heal Your Kids at Home masterclass.

That’s why if you’re not happy with the material, and you believe the tools inside won’t be helpful to your family, email us at within 14 days of purchasing and you’ll receive a full refund. 

The Happy Mama Guarantee

I believe every family deserves the best.

While I know the type of 1:1 care I offer in-person is not accessible to everyone, I’m determined to provide new & innovative ways to support your family’s health.

This is my way of doing just that. 

The information & support inside Heal Your Kids at Home is the best of everything I have, packaged up into one masterclass just for you. My hope is that by giving YOU the tools, you’ll feel empowered and confident in your ability to raise naturally healthy children.

I want to be transparent

- lindsay

Fact: Heal Your Kids at Home is the Only Training of its Kind

This masterclass shows you exactly how to choose the *right* remedies to help free your kids from symptoms and keep them well, without having to spend thousands of dollars on doctor visits. 

This Course is Designed to Help With 99% of Kids’ Health Issues.

Things like...

Skin rashes, itchiness, eczema

Allergies to food, the environment, and what seems like everything

Toilet issues, like constipation, diarrhea, and recurring infections

Behavior concerns, like tantrums, meltdowns, and poor focus

Your child should not be reduced to a label or diagnosis. I can teach to systematically find the root causes behind their symptoms, and restore health naturally.

There are some conditions that may require more individual attention. Complex conditions like cancer, severe autism, epilepsy, and congenital abnormalities may be challenging to treat naturally on your own. 

What if my child is severely ill?

Times have not been determined yet, because we want to know what works best for you! We'll arrange groups that work for you.

When do group coaching sessions start?

No! There is valuable content for everyone, even if you don't have a current health struggle. 

Does my child have to have symptoms?

We honestly don't know the answer to that. We'd like to think so - but we just can't be sure.

will the course be offered again?

Yes, there are not any other coaches or doctors involved in teaching this course or hosting the coaching sessions.

Are all lessons taught by dr. Lindsay?

We only open our doors a couple times each year, so don't wait!

When does enrollment close?

Have Questions?

Don’t worry, we have answers!

Enroll today with one low payment, or check out our payment plans.

Valuable strategies to empower you to handle symptoms at home using natural methods, and rely less on your doctor.

Printable workbook with beautifully designed pages that guide you through each step of the healing program.

Pre-recorded lessons to watch at your convenience, when kids are sound asleep.

Lifetime access to the curriculum so you can revisit it anytime you need or want a refresher.

Self-paced so you can work through the lessons at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Proven protocols used by Dr. Lindsay in practice, made simple for you to repeat at home.

Optional coaching add-on to help keep you on track and feel fully supported.

5 modules — each divided into bite-sized lessons with corresponding worksheets.

A Total Value of $4,377 

psst - let's recap what you get...

holly  johnson

"Dr. Lindsay is a wonderful educator and helps you understand at a level that allows you as a parent to advocate for your child, and not accept a “bandage” as a way to manage your child’s health."

janet taves

"I feel heard and seen as a mom, and empowered to treat my kids with what Dr. Lindsay recommends. She gives great resources, remedies and recommendations. I have tools in my toolbox for home use!"

You Can Unlock Access to All of This for Less Than the Cost of an Individual Visit With Me

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OR, Get started today for just $329 and make one more payment next month

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Make a one-time payment of $299 

OR, Get started today for just $165 and make one more payment next month

self-paced masterclass


Dr. Lindsay Hollister, ND

The journey to health is not finished overnight. it is achieved step-by-step, one action at a time.