6 Signs your baby has food sensitivities

Baby with food sensitivities

December 9, 2019

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Food Sensitivities in Babies | Skin irritation:

Diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and does a good job of alerting us outwardly when something is out of alignment within. Adults often have compensatory mechanisms that prevent the skin from being the first to show evidence of imbalance, but children are quite the opposite. Often times, their skin is the first organ to present symptoms. By watching for signs of skin irritation in our little ones, we can make quick adjustments before symptoms worsen.

Food Sensitivities in Babies | Stool Changes:

Diarrhea or green stools are an indication our baby’s digestive system is distressed. The good news is, their systems are so pure that we can see the results of diet modification within a day or two. Observing and recording stool patterns alongside a food diary is a great way to determine which foods might be problematic.

Food Sensitivities in Babies | Colic and Irritability:

aka my baby won’t stop crying. Babies with colic act discontented and it can be frustrating to guess what is troubling them. In most cases, making adjustments to feedings have the most impact. Dairy is often the worst offender, and in many cases colic is relieved when nursing mothers discontinue dairy in all forms. It’s also important to consider size and frequency of meals, and whether the child has time to digest prior to lying down after eating.

Food Sensitivities in Babies | Respiratory Infections:

if your baby is continuously getting sick, this could be a sign of food sensitivity. When we are exposed to foods that disagree with us, they can damage the intestinal lining, causing microscopic tears. These openings allow food proteins to spill into the bloodstream, where they are never supposed to be. Our immune system does it’s job by recognizing the foreign protein and treating it as it would a virus, attacking it. If a child is experiencing this type of gut permeability, the immune system is constantly in overdrive and does not have the ability to address everyday viruses and bacteria he or she is exposed to. This causes them to become sick more often.

Food Sensitivities in Babies | Excess congestion and mucous:

ancient Ayurveda teaches that during our life we cycle through the doshas called kapha, pitta, and vata. Childhood is a time of kapha which is a constitutional body type that tends to accumulate fluids and produce more mucus. Kapha is often aggravated by cow’s milk consumption. In my clinical and motherhood experience, I have seen that 9 times out of 10, reducing dairy intake leads to decreased mucus production; however, there are many sources out there arguing otherwise (typically they are affiliated with the dairy industry). Moral of the story… it’s worth a shot to eliminate it for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

Food Sensitivities in Babies | Behavioral changes:

This is where your gut instinct as a parent comes into play. Only you can describe what is normal vs. abnormal behavior for your little one. If you notice your child becoming hyperactive or withdrawn, overly sensitive or irritated, or any other combination of concerning mood and activity changes, trust your instincts. This is where recording a diet diary comes in handy, once again.

If any of these sound like your baby, schedule a free consultation. These are common problems of childhood that can be eliminated if they are addressed appropriately. You and your baby deserve to be healthy and happy.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Lindsay

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