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Memberships to Keep Your Kids Healthy, Naturally.

Annual memberships empower you with access to premium care, exclusive discounts & priority scheduling. We have membership plans to accommodate a variety of needs, including families with newborns & chronic care needs. 

Real Talk

Mainstream healthcare in this country is missing the mark, and our kids are suffering because of it. If you're looking to shake things up, you're in just the right spot.

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Holistic Pediatrician Memberships


Direct messaging in between visits for quick answers to your questions. 


Priority scheduling so your kids get seen quickly when it matters most..


Free online health coaching to empower you with holistic remedies. 


Exclusive 15% discount on all supplements & services 


A holistic pediatrician who gets to the bottom of your child's symptoms. 

How It Works

1. Meet Dr. Lindsay

Book your free consult, the first step to becoming a member. Next, you'll be invited to schedule your first visit. 

2. Select Plan

At your first visit, Dr. Lindsay will recommend a plan that is best suited for your family.

3. Renew Annually

Begin receiving premium care & renew once per year for continued membership benefits. 

Make it easy

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Life gets messy, but memberships make it easy to prioritize your family's health.

Why Memberships Make Sense. 

By making an annual commitment to work together, your kids get seen quicker & we're able to build trust with one another over time. We also gain momentum toward your health goals as we build upon our findings at each appointment. And if that's not enough, you also get access to these member-only perks:

Dr. Lindsay, Holistic Pediatrician,
Colorado Springs


messaging w/ me between appTS.


Priority Availability & scheduling

All memberships represent a 6 or 12 month commitment, and can be paid monthly or upfront for a 10% discount. Aside from the family plan, each membership is for one child. Packages include the typical number of visits per year for that age range. Prices do not include initial intake visit.
There is a 15% discount on the first visit for siblings. 

Annual Membership & Plan Details.

Baby's First Year | $149/mo. 

-  (6) well-baby check-ups
- (2) phone appointments
- (1) Mom postpartum extended visit
- Direct messaging & group coaching
- Ideally new patient appt. scheduled before delivery
- $149/mo (paid monthly)
- $1,529 per year (paid upfront) 

Healthy Start (ages 1-5) | $118/mo. 

- (4) extended visits
- (2) phone appointments
- Includes nutrition, developmental milestones, behavior & sleep.
- Direct messaging & group coaching
- $118/mo (paid monthly)
- $1280 per year (paid upfront) 

Healthy Kids (age 5+) | $67/mo.

- (2) extended visits (may include school/sports physicals)
- (2) phone appointments
- Includes nutrition review, sleep assessment & mental health screening
- Direct messaging & group coaching
- $67/mo (paid monthly)
- $730 per year (paid upfront) 

Family Plan | $248/mo. 

- Can be used for any sibling who has established care
- (10)  follow up visits
- (2) extended visits
- (4) phone appointments 
- Direct messaging & group coaching
- $248/mo (paid monthly)
- $2,700 paid upfront

Best Value

Chronic Care (details below)

* Chronic care packages are sold in 6 month increments, and include:
- (1) Extended visit to analyze lab results
- (6) follow-up visits 
- (2) phone appointments
- Direct messaging & group coaching
- $280/mo (paid monthly)
- $1,529 (paid upfront) per 6 mo. 

Plans For Every Family


Follow along for inspiration on raising a happy & healthy family, the natural way.