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Memberships to Keep Your Kids Healthy, Naturally.

Annual memberships empower you with access to premium care, exclusive discounts & priority scheduling. We have membership plans to accommodate a variety of needs, including families with newborns & chronic care needs. 

Real Talk

Mainstream healthcare in this country is missing the mark, and our kids are suffering because of it. If you're looking to shake things up, you're in just the right spot.

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Holistic Pediatrician Memberships


Direct messaging in between visits for quick answers to your questions. 


Priority scheduling so your kids get seen quickly when it matters most..


Free online health coaching to empower you with holistic remedies. 


Exclusive 15% discount on all supplements & services 


A holistic pediatrician who gets to the bottom of your child's symptoms. 

How It Works

1. Meet Dr. Lindsay

Book a no-charge virtual "meet & greet" or ask about memberships at your next appointment.

2. Get Matched

Dr. Lindsay will recommend a membership plan that is best suited for your family, starting at $52/month.

3. Renew Annually

Begin receiving premium care & renew once per year for continued membership benefits. 

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Life gets messy, but memberships make it easy to prioritize your family's health.

The Organic Cure is a great fit for you, if you: 

Are Holistically-minded

We are a great fit for families who prefer taking the whole child (mind, body, spirit) into account when making treatment plans, and those who prefer natural medicine.

Believe in the Human Body

If you believe that the human body was designed to heal, given the right conditions, you'll fit right in with our perspectives. 

Believe food is medicine

Families who see the importance in eating a whole-foods diet will fit in well with The Organic Cure. We get that it's hard sometimes, and we're here to support you!

value collaboration

I believe the best healthcare is collaborative. With your intuition about your child, and my holistic health expertise, we are sure to make a great team. 

As a holistic pediatrician, I often recommend  herbs, tonics & salves as part of a  comprehensive treatment plan. 

Why Memberships Make Sense. 

By making an annual commitment to work together, your kids get seen quicker & we're able to build trust with one another over time. We also gain momentum toward your health goals as we build upon our findings at each appointment. And if that's not enough, you also get access to these member-only perks:

Dr. Lindsay, Holistic Pediatrician,
Colorado Springs


messaging w/ me between appTS.


Priority Availability & scheduling

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The path to a healthy life begins with the seeds you plant in childhood.

A la Carte Pricing

New patient visit: $279

Phone call: $75

Follow up: $139

Extended follow up: $210

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Whether you're interested in a single appointment, or in becoming a member, the first step is to book a free consult. 

We accept all major credit cards & Health Savings accounts (HSA). We do not accept insurance because in doing so, we become severely restricted in the type of care we're able to provide. We believe the most ethical way to provide health care is to work directly for YOU.

We offer monthly payment plans for all memberships allowing you to spread the cost of care out evenly over the year.  More FAQs here.

The Detauls

Payment & Insurance –

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Not everyone is the right fit for us, but we'd love to explore the potential of working together. Grab your favorite beverage and hop on a video call with Dr. Lindsay to chat about your options.


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