Virtual Group Coaching For Naturally Healthy Kids & Families.

Weekly group coaching is the perfect opportunity for busy moms and caretakers to get their health questions answered. You'll have direct access to me each week! Plus, a group of like-minded parents on the same journey. 

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Natural Pediatric Support Made Affordable & Convenient.

Why Group Coaching?

Meet with a naturopathic pediatrician for the price of a Starbucks run each week - it doesn't get much better!


Groups are held at the same day & time each week, and are entirely virtual so you can get support from anywhere!


Meet with people on a similar journey each week & build real relationships & connection. Max of 15 people per group!


How Group Coaching Works

1. Pick a group

Below you'll find three tracks for group coaching, each with their own primary focus. Pick the one that best suits your needs!

2. attend Online

Then join your group coaching session from anywhere and receive expert guidance & support.

easy & convenient!

Choose from 

Natural Living Co-Op

Baby's First Year

The Organic Method

Three Groups

Natural Living Co-Op (Virtual Group)

Are you on a mission to raise your kiddo/s naturally? 
Do you love connecting with other like-minded mamas? 
Are you looking for holistic lifestyle support & community? 

If so, this group is for you! 

This is where we come together to talk about all things natural living & holistic health. It’s a fun space to share knowledge, find support & get your questions answered. No matter where you live! 

Think of this as your Holistic Support Group. We help you expand on the natural health practices you've already started at home.

There will be live Q&A where you can bring up any topic concerning you, including "real talk" about the taboo topics blowing up in the media. 

It’s a safe place to chat openly!

holistic Enthusiasts seeking community

sessions meet twice monthly

$35 per month

No contracts, discontinue at any time

Baby's First Year (Virtual Group)

Do you have a brand new bundle of joy at home? 
Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy with a baby on the way? 
Are you looking for holistic support to supplement or replace traditional care? 

If so, this group is for you! 

Join other mamas and caretakers with babies up to 12 months old & learn how to give you & your baby the best possible start. This group makes a great addition for those who are currently seeing a traditional pediatrician for well-baby visits, OR for parents who have opted-out of traditional healthcare altogether. 

Based on my experience serving over 300 babies & children, topics will include supplements, baby-safe homeopathic remedies and herbs + other practical solutions you can implement at home. 

Vaccinations, fevers, formula, sleep training, baby led weaning, and more.

sessions meet twice monthly

$35.00 / month

No contract, discontinue any time

Coming soon

The Organic Method (Virtual Group)

Do you have a child suffering with recurring health symptoms? 
Are you feeling frustrated or defeated in your search for answers? 
Are you ready to dig deeper so your child can finally experience lasting relief? 

If so, this group is for you! 

Based on my work with over 300 babies + children, the Organic Method teaches you how to systematically uncover the root cause/s behind your child’s chronic health symptoms. 

Join other mamas and caretakers as we bring order to the chaos, and heal your kiddos from the inside out. 

This group is perfect for you if your child is experiencing: 

  • Eczema & Skin Conditions 
  • Digestive Issues 
  • Recurring Ear Infections 
  • Food Reactions & Intolerances
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Unexplained Behavioral Issues
  • Sleep Issues & Insomnia 
  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • ADHD & ASD

coming soon

coaching for parents of kids with chronic conditions

Sessions meet Twice monthly

$55 / month

No contract, discontinue any time


Not Sure Which Group is Right For You? 

No prob - let's chat about it! Book a free consult and I will help match you with the best group coaching program for you. Can't wait to meet you. 


Follow along for inspiration on raising a happy & healthy family, the natural way.