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How does pediatric naturopathic treatment work?

Each child is treated as an individual. We come up with an action plan based on your goals and work together using our combined intuition & wisdom, along with evidence-based protocols. Every appointment has a purpose and we celebrate our wins along the way. 

What should I expect during my appointment? 

Our visits are relaxed and friendly. You’re invited to share your concerns, ideas & goals. You can expect me to ask lots of questions! This will help me align with your goals and come up with a plan that fits you personally. Siblings, spouses, partners, and friends are welcome to join appointments. I give kids the chance to play and get comfortable in the environment before we start exams. I get on their level and interact with them. This helps me understand them better and also builds trust so they’re comfortable letting me examine them. I believe in body boundaries, so I do not force them to do anything they don’t want to do.

What kind of labs do naturopathic pediatricians run? 

I use a combination of conventional labs and specialized testing. In most cases, we get more benefit from specialized labs that assess for function rather than disease. I don't run unnecessary labs and my rule of thumb is that if the lab result wouldn't change the course of treatment, we don't run it. This approach saves you money & saves your kids from undergoing unnecessary pokes. 

Is a naturopathic pediatrician suitable for chronic care?

Yes! If you have chronic concerns, I'm here to help. Things like eczema, constipation, and poor behavior are symptoms that act as clues. I follow those clues to find out what area of the body is struggling, and solve the problem holistically. 

Is a naturopathic pediatrician considered primary care? 

Yes! I believe naturopathic care IS primary care. Well child exams are about more than height, weight, and vaccinations. We take the time to help you establish a foundation of health: 

- Personalized Nutrition
- Optimized Sleep
- Exercise & Movement
- Cognitive Development
- Behavioral health
- Early screening for chronic issues

What are my payment options? 

We accept all major credit cards & Health Savings accounts (HSA). We do not accept insurance because in doing so, we become severely restricted in the type of care we're able to provide. We believe the most ethical way to provide health care is to work directly for YOU. Lab work, however, is typically covered by insurance and we can help you navigate that. For those without insurance, we have deep discounts available on lab work as well. Our membership plans offer the best value, and we encourage all families to consider this option, especially the monthly payment plans, which allow you to spread the cost of membership evenly over the year. 

Do naturopathic pediatricians offer vaccinations?

As an ND in the state of Colorado, vaccinations are not in my scope of practice, however I am happy to help you develop a vaccine plan. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I believe in educated and informed parent choice. Your choice should not be made out of fear. Open discussion is welcomed and encouraged. Our goal is to help you develop a plan you feel at peace about and then support the body in the best way possible. 

Do you work with adults seeking naturopathic care? 

Currently, we have a waitlist for adult patients. Our team is expanding (YES!!!) and soon we will have additional providers who specialize in working with adults. If you are interested, please contact us so we an add you to our waitlist!

How is a naturopathic pediatrician different than an MD?

The naturopathic doctorate has significant overlap with conventional med schools. The program includes intensive focus in the same medical sciences that conventional docs go through. The difference is in how I apply the science. As a naturopathic pediatrician, I use my understanding of the complex human physiology to guide treatment plans that allow the body to heal itself, rather than focusing on interventions to heal. I start with the least invasive methods of treatment and only use interventions when necessary. I run lab work that points to how the body is functioning, or dysfunctioning, so I can take corrective action before the problem gets bigger.

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